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HoursOf is built to find OPEN stuff! However, it can find almost anything. Open, Closed, Unlisted Hours, or just Nearby places. Below are some basic tips & tricks for navigating HoursOf. Feedback is always welcome at feedback@HoursOf.com, or through the website feedback tool (desktops only). We are still in beta mode, so we would LOVE to hear any thoughts on improving usability.

Below is waaaay too much detail about how HoursOf.com works!

How Does HoursOf.com Get My Location?
If your browser is capable, you will be asked permission to share your location. If there is a checkbox saying something like “remember this setting” or “always allow this site to use my location” it is recommended that you check that for future simplicity, but you definitely don’t have to if you are uncomfortable sharing.

If you choose not to share your location (or wait 5-10 seconds without Allowing), the site will pop up a Location window asking for your City, State, or Zip. If the automating location isn’t work or you prefer to enter manually, you can enter whatever you know of the Address/City, State, or just enter a Zip Code. If you Allow/Share your location after the Location window pops up, the Location window will automatically close, and you are ready to search!

Search Options
Two Options – choose a Category from the options, or enter a Query.

As long as the application has a location for you, you’ll start seeing Open results immediately!

Results will load in batches of 5-10, and you are able to pause loading at any point via the Pause Results button. Viewing Daily Hours or clicking the Map Button will automatically pause the results from loading.

When you find an appropriate result, you can Call them directly (from mobile devices) or view them on the Map via the buttons. You can see Today’s Hours, Address & Phone Number information, as well as a link to Google Reviews & the associated star rating. Clicking any of the carets “▼” will expand some additional Place Info, such as the carat next to Today’s Hours (or on Open Until for mobile devices) will show you the daily hours for the full week.

Closed & Unlisted Hours Filters
These are the main filters on the site. By default, you are only seeing places who have listed their hours with Google or HoursOf directly, and are Open. By clicking either of the two big buttons – Show Unlisted Hours or Show Closed – you’ll see any additional non-Open results available.

Show Closed will show you currently closed places, and also the Next Open Time, as well as Weekly Hours, as always.

Show Unlisted will show you places that do not have their hours listed.

Load/Pause Results
By default, the page will load up to 60 results. However, if you find the result quickly and either expand the detailed hours or click the Map button, we’ll pause loading results so you can explore that place. To see more results, just click the Load More Results button. Once all 60 results have been loaded, the button will disappear. You can always Pause the Results.

Currently the Map only shows your current location and markers for each result. We’ll be improving this to offer more options ASAP!

Result Detail Expansion
Clicking any of the carets “▼” will show you more information about that result. It will also pause the results from loading so the page doesn’t keep moving while you are looking at the details.

Fix Info
A [report incorrect info] link is available for each result. Currently we only allow users to report which information is correct, but we will add user-entered hours ASAP.

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