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What's Open Near Me Right Now?

   Find businesses open now with only one click. Instead of places that are simply near me but may be Closed, we show businesses that are actually open right now.

Costco Hours, Bank Hours, and More

   HoursOf can be used to search for any type of business and the results are filtered for businesses that are open near me. Retailers such as Costco or Walmart are common searches, as well as categories like Restaurants, Bars, or even Post Offices. Even types of food such as Thai, Chinese Food, or Pizza can be searched.
How Does It Work?
   First, Share Your Location when prompted by the browser, or you can manually enter a city/state or zip code. Next, click a Category or type your own search. We scan the hours of operation listings and filter them for open places. Filter buttons make it easy to view Closed businesses or those with Unlisted hours.
What Else Is Coming?
   Although HoursOf works from anywhere, this is our beta launch and more features are coming soon. Next up is building the iPhone and Android Apps, and we're always looking for website improvements, such as driving directions, improved sorting/filtering options, and more comprehensive hours data.
What Can I Do?
   Try it out! It's meant to be a simple utility, and we would love to hear your feedback. We recommend setting up a Bookmark in your browser or on your device (iOS, Android) for easy access. Also, remember to set your browser to always allow HoursOf to refresh your location so you won't have to re-authorize. We won't complain if you share us with your friends!
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